S.Pellegrino mineral water – Sparkling

S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna are known as the fine dining waters on tables worldwide, both in elegant restaurants and at home. A celebration of high-quality food and lifestyle, they contribute to the fine dining experience and are widely appreciated by the leading figures of the culinary scene. Two historical Italian classics, the success stories of these brands lie in their appealing values and their elegant balance of taste.

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Product Description

S.Pellegrino mineral water – Sparkling has made its presence known, thanks to its lively and long-lived bubbles, which feel creamy on the palate, and a slightly salty taste, well-balanced with acidity for an overall refreshing, and thirst-quenching feel. A perfect drink for a flavorful meal, to balance a full-bodied wine or to sample on its own, its middle-size bubbles, persistent carbonation and rich minerality make it one of the most renowned mineral waters in the world.Thanks to its persistent effervescence, it brings out the best in the tastiest dishes and aromas. Discover the essence of S.Pellegrino mineral water – Sparkling through the words of Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World.

Natural mineral water forms below the earth’s surface, creating a source of distinctive assets for a quality drinking water that is bottled nearby. As it flows underground the water undergoes changes in its physical and chemical composition, to acquire unique traits through the dissolution of the surrounding rocks. This natural mineral water retains qualities of unique purity and bacteriological and chemical top quality. The minerals are absorbed naturally as the water flows through geological formations to its source.

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